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Reprogram your mind and free your soul!

I was once in your shoes! 

I had Bulimia for 10 years. I´ve recovered 16 years ago! 

For the last decade, I've been helping many others to break free from eating disorders and toxic relationships. 

Priscilla Pree

Mind Reprogrammer &


International Certificate
in Eating Disorders
Psychosocial Recovery Coach & Clinical Neuroscience 

Peer Mentoring 
Eating Disorder Awareness
ED´s History and Present
Neuroscience & Eating Disorders
Helpme Bulimia Tables
Mind Reprogramming / Neuroplasticity 
Brain Health 
Social Brain and Rapport
Dopamine, Serotonin, and Noradrenaline
Positive Psychology 
Mindful Eating
Stress-Free Eating 
Playful Eating
Behavioral Food Strategies  
Body Neutrality Approach 

2 months of online classes +
3 months  practical internship



Weekly group sections

Online Community

Emergency Support


15 Private

Theraphy Sections


Learn how to reprogram your mind with neuroscience.


Once stable you can become our Peer Support and enroll to become an international Recovery Coach


Gabriela Luersen
instagram: @gabrielaluersen
Business Coach, Australia

After 10 years of struggling with Bulimia, and after trying many different therapies without success, I found Helpme Bulimia program and recovered in months. Now I help other women to find the inner power and be a Queen in their life and business

Enrolled in the program July 2018


Raissa Araujo Rodrigues 
instagram: @neuromind.ed
Peer Support Mentor at
Helpme Bulimia, USA 

The doctor gave me a list of 4 different prescribed medicines. I had 14 years of bulimia and was purging several times a day. I was also suffering from anxiety and insomnia. No other therapy had worked on me.  I refused to buy so many drugs and enrolled in the Helpme Bulimia program in 2020 to train my brain. It was a blessing in my life!  Now Ihelp others as a Peer Support & Recovery Coach 


Grazi Leão
Instagram: @grazieladeleao
Peer Support Mentor and Yoga Instructor, Brazil

I wasted so much money in years of psychotheraphy that didn´t helped me, before finding Helpme Bulimia. I´ve spend 2 months in a clinic and left there even worse.  I prayed for God to show me someone that could really guide my recover and found Pree. My case was a mix of bulmia and anorexia nervosa. Now I can eat without fear, and I´m again in love with my life,

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Binge and Bulimia can harm your brain, creating neuroplastic changes. The Pre Frontal Cortex, the part responsible for food intake control becomes weaker after some years.

The PFC is also responsible for planning, organizing, focus, emotional control, and other very important cognitive functions that can also decrease its potential as a result years  BED AND BULIMIA.

*(similar changes can be found in addictions).

At Helpme Bulimia

 you don´t only work to gain power over your fears towards food and body, but also we help you to rewire your brain. By exercising it, you can decrease the episode´s urges,  stop procrastination, be more organized, rationalize your emotions, have the courage to take action, and get your life back on track. 

Helpme Bulimia created


that combines

CBT-E, Positive Psychology &

 Neuroscientific Mind Reprogramming

We also use Body Neutrality Approach

and Behavioral Food Strategies

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