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Priscilla Pree

  • 16 years recovered from Bulimia

    • Neuro-psychotherapist and Mind Reprogrammer

    • 10 years of experience 

    • Master's Degree (coursework) Cognitive Neuroscience 

    • Post Graduate Diploma, Analytical Psychology 

    • Essential Eating Disorder Training at Inside Out, Australia

    • Eating Disorder Foundation at Inside Out, Australia

    • Eating Disorder and Behavioral Management, IPGO, Brazil

    • Eating Disorder Clinician´s  Guide, Zur Institute, USA 

    • CBT SUPERVISOR - ITC, Brazil

    • CBT -E training, One Education

    • CBT Practioner - IGPPA, UK 

    • FBT- AN, Inside Out, Australia

    • CBT for Anxiety - USP, Brazil

    • GMP Borderline,- Harvard Medical School 

    • Schema Therapy for Narcissistic and Borderline PD

    • Understanding Depression - Harvard University

    • Cognitive Fitness - Harvard University

    • The sensitive Gut - Harvard University

    • Positive Psychology - Harvard University

    • Lose Weight and Keep it off - Harvard University 

    • Neuroplastic Diploma, Center of Excellence

    • Cinema Therapy, Zur Institute, USA

    • Mind Reprogramming and REBT, UK

    • Mind Reprogramming and PNL, Brazil

    • UPW Tony Robbins

  • Author  2 Eating Disorders books 

  • Founder of Grupo Helpme

  • Founder of Helpme Bulimia 

  • Member : World Federation od Neuroreabilitation

  • Former AAMICAS's Director (Help Association for Bulimics) 


        Raissa Rodrigues

Peer Support Recovery Coach ​

After 14 years of struggling with Bulimia, she joined Helpme Bulimia in July 2021 and achieved a stable remission in the end of the year, now she will help you in your journey. 

Bachelor Degree in Social Science, Major Mediation 

Post Graduating in Neuroscience and Rehabilitation at Unyleya University 

Helpme Bulimia Certified Trainer 

Certificate: The Essentials: Training Clinicians for Eating Disorder 

Certificate: The Foundations of Eating Disorder 

at Inside Out ( Institute for Eating Disorder) 

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